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About Me

Hello guys!


I am Masako, born and raised in Osaka.


I have been running this place for almost a year now thru Airbnb as a superhost.



I thought I might have my own website for more people who are in need of

accommodations to see, and besides, I prefer my own design (^o^)v


As a matter of fact, I have had an Australian girl in the past who

stayed with us for schooling here in Japan, and I have been in touch with her ever since.



It seems that she had a good time with us especially with my two daughters,

one of whom now studies abroad, and I am very happy about this.


I guess her decision about studying overseas has been influenced by that event,

and not only that, but also that has made her want to be more international & ambitious, which I am so proud of.



Now about me…I am the kind of woman who likes to meet and hang with new people from various countries, so when I encountered Airbnb, I was like wow…this is it!

Now, it has been enjoyable and and so much fun!!! I have met so many interesting people through this, some of whom still come visit me, and I sure hope it stays this way.



By providing accommodations, I am hoping to help your trip become more fun and more memorable, so let me know freely if there is anything that I can help you with in Japan.



Thank you. (^^♪



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