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Share-Restaurant Interior photos


◆Basic rules  

  1. Operating hours    :07:00 ~ 23:00

  2. Fees                     :JPY 120,000 every 3 months

  3. Deposit                :JPY 100,000


◆Rental fees are as follows.

  1. Morning

    • Operating hours   :07:00 ~ 10:30

    • JPY 3,000            :per day

  2. Lunch

    • Operating hours                        :11:00 ~ 15:00

    • Monday ~ Thursday                  :JPY 6,000 per day

    • Friday ~ Sunday and holidays    :JPY 8,000 per day

  3. Dinner

    • Operating hours         :17:00 ~ 23:00

    • Sunday ~ Thursday    :JPY 6,000 per day

    • Friday ~ Saturday      : JPY 9,000 per day



◆Monthly Plans

  1. Lunch    :10% off

  2. Dinner   :10% off

  3. All day   :20% off

  4. Further discount for a long-term contract


  1. To open a restaurant, you need a sanitation license from the public health center.

  2. In the first 3 months, we will help you in opening a business under the management of a sanitation license acquirer.

  3. Accommodations and a translator will be available separately.

  4. After that, you will have to acquire a sanitation license from public health center on your own.

  5. Fire insurance is included, but you are required to purchase the tenant liability insurance.

  6. We would like it if we all could share the marketing strategies together while operating the restaurant.

  7. I will be in and out just to check if everything goes ok at my discretion.

  8. You are not permitted to leak the third parties' business models and personal information.

  9. You are not to sublet the facility.

  10. You are to be responsible to clean up after use and put back everything where it was before.

  11. The utility bills will be split into the number of groups using the facility.

  12. If you are to breach any of the agreements, you may be penalized or be evicted.

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