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  • 20 minutes to both Osaka & Kyoto


  • Located Midway between Kyoto & Osaka
  • A 10-minute walk to the guesthouse from the station


Our apartment is located in the city called “Takatsuki”, the midpoint between Kyoto and Osaka.


The nearest train stations are either "JR SettsuTonda" or "Hankyu Tonda" , 800 meters from my apartment.


It takes 20 minutes from the nearest stations to either Kyoto or Osaka by train.


There are all-stations train at Tonda and expresses at Takatsuki & Ibaraki.


Easy access to many famous tourist attractions.


Please go to "Q&A" for more detail.


  • Postal code 5690826

      Takatsuki, Kotobuki 1-4-8, Osaka


★It's a pink, 3-story building at the intersection. You can't miss it! (^o^)v

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